4 Compelling Reasons You Should Purchase Your First New Home

By: Andrew Presta

4 Compelling Reasons You Should Purchase Your First New Home

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As rent prices continue to increase in Canada, many residents consider putting their money into a home investment instead. After all, being a first-time homeowner has always been a significant life achievement for adults. Millennials view homeownership as a superior option to renting.  


If you're like most individuals considering a home purchase, you've undoubtedly sought advice from family and friends, many of whom are likely to encourage you to go for it. However, you may be wondering if purchasing a home is the wise thing to do.


Having reservations is normal. But the more you understand why you should buy a house, the less frightening the entire process is. It's reasonable to double-check yourself, though. Here are four reasons why you should consider buying a home.


1. You Want to Be Rent-Free and Invest Your Money Right


A good indicator that you are ready to purchase your own house is that you no longer want to rent. It could be that you're tired of paying someone else's mortgage and want to start saving for your own. It is a good sign of maturity and self-reliance that you will need as you step into a significant investment because it comes with many responsibilities.


The best aspect of owning a house is that you no longer have to answer to a landlord or property manager. You can decide the design of your home, have a pet or two without fear, and perform a renovation if you have to without asking anybody's permission.


2. You Accomplished a Significant Milestone


A lot of young individuals have specific objectives for when they want to marry, like purchase a house, settle down, and possibly have a kid. Accomplishing these life events often feels like they’re milestones you must celebrate.


No matter how big or small your dreams are, you should never think of them as anything less important. Whether you're getting married and starting a family or going on an adventure on your own, purchasing a property is a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of.


3. Your Portfolio and Credit Score Are Great


Moneylenders and banks weigh several components before accepting or rejecting an applicant. These are good credit and the capacity to make sensible financial judgments. They are, after all, taking a considerable risk by lending you money.


Financial stability can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Your willingness to manage money wisely and live within your means might be factors. Sound investment decisions also come into play, like investing in the stock market, landing a high-paying job, or starting a side hustle. 


4. You Have Done Your Due Diligence in Research and Consultation


Purchasing a property is a tremendous responsibility, not just financially. It is your accountability as a homeowner to maintain your estate. It involves keeping the whole property in good condition and ensuring that everything goes to plan. 


It also entails evaluating the various mortgage and financial payment alternatives available to you. Going through all relevant information can become daunting for new homebuyers, but researching is helpful, so you're equipped to make a wise decision.




Before you buy your first house, be sure you're ready for the responsibilities that come with it. Consult an investment advisor who can aid you to leverage your assets so that you can obtain a property. In addition, get help from local real estate agents that can assist you and find the right house for your family’s needs.  


Buying a home is an outstanding achievement. While it might be difficult at times, the security and gains it involves far outweigh the drawbacks. If you are exhibiting the signs above, then you might be ready to own a new home.


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