4 Tips When Selling Your House During the Holidays

By: Andrew Presta

4 Tips When Selling Your House During the Holidays

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The holidays are often quite a busy time. So, adding the home selling process into that mix may not be ideal for most. However, sometimes you just can't put it off any longer. Perhaps you need to make a big move at the start of the new year and need to sell your home as soon as possible. 


Whatever the case, it's important to know what you need to do to get your house sold during the holidays. These four tips may be just what you need to attract the right buyers.


1. Decorate Your Home for the Holidays


If you have holiday decorations, take this chance to use them. Just remember to keep it clean and tasteful. For example, you don't want a crèche scene or nativity scene displayed outside.


However, you could have a Santa or snowman character or two out to attract attention. You could even place a few inflatable snowmen around the house or hang a snowflake wreath on the front door.


Don't forget to leave some light on inside. Doing so creates a welcoming feeling, which will make people want to come inside and take a look at the house.


2. Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy


Having a warm and cozy home is another excellent way to attract buyers. Be sure to turn your heat up a little during the colder months, especially for home inspections and open house visits.


Also, if you have a fireplace or gas fireplace, be sure to use it. Having a fire flickering in the fireplace can make a big difference. After all, buyers love that warm and cozy feeling.


3. Take Quality Real Estate Photos


Everyone knows that the photos are what sells your home. If the pictures aren't great, buyers aren't going to want to come inside. So, take the time and money to have some quality photos made of your home.


You should also try to take plenty of outside photos as well. If you have great landscaping, a nice fence, or an appealing neighbourhood, learn to show it off.


Ultimately, the goal is to get people to find your home appealing. For this reas, taking more photos of your home can give you a greater advantage in the market.


4. Target Motivated Buyers


The holidays are a great time for people in need of a new home. If you are only targeting your home to the typical home buyer, you might be missing out on some motivated buyers who need to buy a home during this season.


In fact, if you can find a home buyer who really needs to buy a home before the holidays, you just might be able to convince them to buy your home before the end of the year.


Final Thoughts


Selling your home doesn't have to be stressful or put a damper on your holiday season. In fact, you might just enjoy the fact that someone else is going to own your home, and you'll get to open up your new home just in time to match their holiday excitement.


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