By: Andrew Presta

5 Practical Benefits of Considering Virtual House Tours

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In real estate, it’s undeniable that there are now more customers who rely on technology to find their dream house or sell their property merely because it’s possible and convenient. On the other hand, real estate professionals are also looking for ways to promote their properties better and do more business in light of the tight competition. In recent times, one of the most effective ways that benefit professionals and clients are virtual house tours.


Virtual house tours use Virtual Reality (VR), a relatively new technology, to showcase their properties more creatively. With this type of house tour, potential buyers are allowed to check every room and corner of the house from their own home’s comforts. This is different from photos and videos because VR provides a more accurate and immersive experience for a potential buyer.


In this article, we will share five practical benefits of virtual house tours:


1. It Saves More Time


Real estate professionals can use the help of virtual house tours to save them more time. Once a property is up, the number of calls and meetings they receive per day usually will follow suit. This process can indeed be time-consuming because they have to say the same features and details to different clients.


With virtual house tours, a professional can easily upload it to the page, and interested clients can instantly see it on their phones and other devices. As a result, interested customers may ask for more information, which frees up a real estate professional’s time, instead of meeting every client to show the property.


2. It Saves More Money


Can you imagine the costs associated with driving back and forth to meet clients and show them the properties you have for sale? The worst part here is that you might not still guarantee a sale even if you exert this much effort. Virtual house tours can help you save money on transport and other costs because all you need is to upload the tour on your site so that clients can check it out in advance.


3. It Helps You Gain An Edge


As mentioned, the real estate industry is competitive, and you want to make sure that you can stand out. With virtual tours, not only will you stand out, but it will also help you get more traffic and links to your site. That way, your site rankings will increase, which will benefit your overall business. On top of these, clients will also find you trustworthy compared to your competition.


4. It Delivers A Realistic Experience


Virtual tours are like an open house, except that your potential clients can access them 24/7 wherever they are, which provides a more realistic experience. People who take this type of tour can see themselves living in the house. This means that even before they move in, they can already have a sense of where to place their belongings or how their family will utilize the space!


5. It Offers Increased Convenience


When you are about to show a property to potential clients, you need to get there extra early to ensure that the property is in good condition. However, this can be such a hassle and costly as well, since you need to hire a cleaning agency to help you. With virtual tours, you can showcase the property in its best condition without the need to go back and forth to the property.




At this point, you now know that running a real estate business doesn’t have to be tiresome as it was in the past. Today, if you want to improve your service to your clients, virtual house tours are the way to go. Not only will this be convenient and helpful for you, but also for your customers!


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