By: Andrew Presta

5 Qualities to Look for in an Outstanding Real Estate Agent

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When you invest a significant amount of money into something, you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. When you take that into the context of purchasing a home, the stakes are even higher; without the advice of the best real estate agents in Toronto, you may be making the most expensive decision of your life.


Whether you’re on the market to purchase or sell, having qualified local real estate agents by your side is crucial. They have the skill and expertise to help you find your dream home or find the perfect buyer to take care of your former property. They know how to make a good match, helping you market your home on the right channels or connecting you to a unique home that fits your budget. Given all the work they do, you may not know how to start looking for a real estate agent. Here are five qualities to look for in an outstanding real estate agent:




The hallmark of a top real estate agent in Toronto is their experience. Having an extensive and impressive track record will clue you into their skills in real estate along with the properties in which they have specialized knowledge. If they’ve closed deals in the neighbourhood that you’re eyeing, then they can provide you with valuable insight that can help you make a sale or find your dream home.


Real estate agents who have several years of experience are crucial when navigating the complexities of buying or selling a property. The more they know, the more they can help you prepare yourself for any unexpected situation.


Marketing Skills


Marketing is a crucial skill that top real estate professionals have under their belt. Merely listing a home on a real estate website isn’t enough; they must be well-versed in creating a narrative and finding the right audience for it. They must know how to sell an experience, not just a piece of property.


Take a look at the types of photos they’re taking and determine if it will do your property justice. If they take pictures with high definition, and in the best possible light, it’s a sign they know what they are doing, helping you make a smooth and easy sale. You’ll also want to look at the avenues in which they advertised their previous properties, such as magazines, social media, or even newspapers.




Real estate will be one of the most massive investments you’ll ever make, so it’s essential to have a true professional by your side to help you navigate the process. To find an outstanding real estate agent, you’ll have to make sure you find an expert who has your best interests in mind, not someone who’s looking to make a quick buck out of you.


Find out who the real estate agent is, how much they know, and if they are genuinely interested in their work. It also helps you determine whether the real estate agent has a full understanding of your needs and what it will take to fulfill them.




A valuable quality to have in a real estate agent is their network. If they have many connections with tradespeople, builders, or planners, it means that they—and, by extension, you—have access to a large pool of resources. Such a vast matrix of knowledge will allow you to understand other aspects of the property that will benefit you.




Lastly, you’ll want a real estate agent that gives you their undivided attention. Although there are many talented part-time real estate agents out there, they may not have the ability to provide you with the same degree of care and insight you require for your situation. However, a full-time real estate agent is likely to be much more experienced, supplying you with all the information you need.




Real estate agents are crucial to every real estate transaction. They understand the market’s intricacies, which can help you adjust your listing or your expectations accordingly, helping you find the right buyer or right home. By looking for these five qualities in your real estate agent, you’ll find yourself a valuable partner in the real estate process.


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