By: Andrew Presta

A List of Cities in the GTA That Provides Quality Real Estate

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Due to the unfortunate turn of events brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, residents of Canada have found a way to lower their expenses. Mant took advantage of the price drop in real estate and sought to buy properties in the Greater Toronto Area while they could!


Areas like Toronto, Durham, and York have shown significant changes in estate property activities and home assessments, resulting in more people buying new homes than expected. As terrible as its health implications might have brought to the world, the pandemic has led people to invest in the GTA as a result of rent issues and job displacements.


While Toronto is one of the biggest cities in North America that remains on top when it comes to real estate properties, people are recently learning that many properties in the GTA offer equal opportunities. Keep reading below to find out other areas that provide quality housing solutions.


Oshawa City


Oshawa is a city located along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. The city’s economy has struggled in the past due to the challenges brought about by the automobile industry. It has resulted in numerous concerns across the municipality, despite being the largest in Durham.


But if you can overlook their challenges, Oshawa proves to be a desirable place to live in due to their competitive home prices and real estate properties. Their market proves to deliver affordable houses for buyers and investors with the help of the best realtors.


Whitby Town


Whitby is a well-recognized town situated in the region of Durham and located on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The place gives residents the feeling that they live in a small town yet have the facilities of a big city.


If you’re planning to get out of the urban jungle and start a new life elsewhere, the town of Whitby can easily meet your needs and possibly satisfy your demands. They offer long-term benefits to future residents due to Whitby’s cost-efficient real estate opportunities.


Ajax Town


Located in Southern Ontario, the town is named after HMS Ajax, a historical Royal Navy cruiser that served during World War II. Its real estate has learned to keep up despite the pandemic, bouncing back better than before with the guidance of local real estate agents.


While the demand for properties found in Ajax continues to rise, their sources have reached an inevitable standstill. So for investors planning to find a new location, Ajax offers great prospects for you to build houses and sell them for a better turnover!


Pickering City


Pickering is a city situated south of Ontario that’s just a few kilometres away from Toronto. For families or individuals who can’t seem to let go of the urban lifestyle, you can choose to relocate to Pickering with the help of real estate agents and avoid feeling out of touch with your roots.


Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have enough real estate development to meet the demands of homebuyers. As such, the local community is urging investors to place their money on the beautiful city, hoping its vast potential can spur the economy due to its promising real estate opportunity.




If you’re considering moving to a new place because of the pandemic or other financial reasons, now more than ever is the right time to check out other areas in the GTA. They offer excellent real estate properties that can most definitely benefit the savvy investor or even the aspiring home owner-to-be looking for a place to settle down.


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