Home Improvements to Avoid: Preserve Your Home’s Value

By: Andrew Presta

Home Improvements to Avoid: Preserve Your Home’s Value

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Home upgrades aren't always beneficial. It's just as vital to prepare your home for sale as it is to price it right. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression on potential buyers and realtors. On the other hand, do you know which modifications would help you receive top cash and which will be a complete waste of time?


There are home renovation tasks that will not help you boost the value of your property. Here are some projects to stay away from.

"You" Themed Renovations

"You are not everyone's cup of tea," as the saying goes.


It is understood that we each have a distinct taste in everything, and we must respect one another for this. However, when it comes to house designs, it is extremely difficult to sell a house, let alone sell it for a higher price, if the interior and exterior styles are based on a person's personality. It is frequently less likely to appeal to a broad audience.


Personality-themed designs are not always neutral in colour or element, as they may involve exaggerated colour incorporations and so on.


Even if you do not intend to sell your home right away, design it so that its resale value remains high. This can be accomplished by incorporating neutral colours that blend seamlessly in your home, allowing more people to appreciate it.

Illegal Renovations

If you conduct some do-it-yourself renovations in Toronto that aren't up to code or require work permits, it will come back to bite you when it's time to sell. The vast majority of buyers will not forego their right to see the property. If the flaws are discovered, they may result in substantial financial loss. 


People will either pass on the house or demand significant discounts to compensate for the cost of bringing it up to code. Worse yet, if something goes wrong after the sale, you might be held liable for damages resulting from non-code modifications, including home leaks, structural issues, or electrical fires!

Monumental Design Accents

The epitome of a well-decorated home is colossal statues, crown mouldings, and exotic artifacts. But, let's face it, it's not necessary for the house. The general public looking for a home will not care or even notice if it is present or not. It all comes down to the quality and conditions of the house's primary functions.


Skip putting these unnecessary decorations to save money and attract a larger audience looking to buy a commercial property in Toronto.


Solar Panels


Energy conservation and renewable energy are important. Solar panels allow you to save a significant amount of money on your electricity bills. However, it requires the purchase of costly solar equipment. The cost of maintenance alone is relatively high. If you install it now, you will not be able to reap the long-term benefits if you plan to resell your home.


Solar panels, in some ways, reduce the curb appeal of houses; as a result, many people looking for homes avoid them.



Don't let your desire to increase the value of your home prevent you from taking advantage of the current market. The time it takes to make significant changes may prevent you from finding your dream home. Before you do anything, contact our staff to check your home and advise you on the appropriate upgrades to make, if any. We'll make the best use of your time and money so you can sell for the highest possible price.


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