Important Tips in Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent in Toronto

By: Andrew Presta

Important Tips in Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent in Toronto

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Tips in Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent in Toronto

Trying to find the ideal home and property to purchase may be challenging at times. That is why you must get the help of a real estate agent to make your house hunting more straightforward and less stressful. While it may sound simple to contact a random agent and call it a day, there are actually some pointers to consider before hiring one.


Finding the right real estate agent takes a lot of time and research, and if you aren’t careful, you may end up making the wrong decisions resulting in more expenses than savings. With a professional as your partner in home buying, not only will your house hunting be quicker, you can also get sound advice in terms of rates and good location. So we’ve come up with a couple of tips that can help you find the best real estate agent. 


Ask Your Colleagues for Any Referrals

One of the best ways to find a well-trusted agent is by asking your colleagues. They are some of the people you trust the most, and they are more likely to have encountered and agent themselves due to their lifestyle and economic stature. By asking them specific questions, they may be able to give you the contact numbers of the top real estate agents of today. They may even get you a discount, given that former clients who give referrals are mostly favoured by agents.


Do Your Own Research

Aside from the usual referrals, nothing beats an unbiased view of the agents than your very own research. By looking for outsider experiences and feedback, you will get a general idea of the agent you are planning to deal with. It’s easy to be convinced by colleagues who may have had a great experience with them before, but that should not be your only basis. Look for their credentials, search for their other past clients and user experiences, and make sure that you’re dealing with a consistently reliable agent.


Hire a Local Real Estate Agent

There is no point in hiring an agent who lives in another state or region, especially if you’re only planning to buy a property nearby. Local agents are easier to reach, and they are more likely to arrive early during appointments. They are also easier to track, just in case something goes wrong along the way. Additionally, a local agent will have to follow the same rules and regulations of the area you’re in, so there will be no discrepancies in your contract when it’s finally time to sign them.



Hiring the best real estate agent is just a matter of trusting your instincts and doing your own research to validate their past experiences and credentials. Be sure to ask around for reviews and referrals. Also, do not hire someone that is way beyond your travel limit. Be wise about your decisions early on and have a smooth transition towards your new property.


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